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1.)    Preparation

a.      Mental Preparation (think about who you will call on, what will be your opening statement? How will you get their attention – many ways to accomplish this and you can develop your own style

b.      Physical preparation – what materials or flyers can you leave behind? If you are calling on someone for construction equipment have materials available (we will provide you a personalized brochure)

2.)    Approach

a.      What plan of action will you take to start the sales process with a particular customer or borrower

3.)    Fact Finding

a.      Find out as much about the borrower and the transaction as possible

b.      Make it conversational so as not to grill the customer with questions

c.      This will lead to many opportunities for our many types of loans

4.)    Use what you learned from the customer to your advantage to present what we offer, present facts about you and our products to sell yourself (people do business with you not Hub City Lending) you are the go-to expert

5.)    Recommendation

a.      If you have done your homework and understand what the borrower wants/needs then you can make a solid recommendation and it will make sense to the borrower

6.)    Close the sale

a.      You must sell the loan terms

b.      You will have to overcome objections (they will tell you they can get a better rate somewhere else or its too expensive and many other excuses) How will you over-come this? This is where preparation comes into play you must know what you are selling. Get with Donald, Jeff or Jason and we can help you through this.

7.)    Follow up – Send a thank you note weather you sold the item or not, it will come around to repeat business,
Stay in contact with borrower as we have many products they can possibly


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